Dizziness, balance, tinnitus, and change in hearing are common clinical complaints and, like all symptoms, demand a logical and thoughtful approach for successful diagnosis and management.

Because these symptoms are not frequently accompanied by obvious neurologic signs and are not perceived to be life threatening, they may not be given the attention they deserve. But these symptoms, even if not always disabling, are usually distracting and discomforting and interfere with quality of life.

Accordingly, these symptoms deserve attention and need to be diagnosed properly and promptly, because they often can be successfully treated.

Dr. Laskowski and his staff use the most current technology to accurately diagnose balance problems.

  • Video Nystagmography(VNG) – Including optokinetics, gaze, saccades, smooth pursuit tracking, positional testing, and calorics.
  • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) – Electrophysiological test to rule out retrocochlear pathology.
  • Otoacoustic Emissions(OAE’s)
    • Transient and Distortion Product – Used in conjunction with ABR to rule out retrocochlear pathology. OAE’s are also used to test the cochlear function of infants and small children, “difficult to test” patients, and malingerers.
  • Conventional Audiometrics – Puretone air and bone conduction, speech reception thresholds and speech discrimination.

As most insurance companies require a physician’s referral for testing, physicians should provide their patient with a written prescription for a “full vestibular test battery.” Test results can be faxed to the referring physician on the same day of testing.

Three audiologists work with Dr. Laskowski and provide a full range of audiologic services, including conventional audiometry, vestibular testing, electrophysiological testing and hearing aids.

We are dedicated to providing physicians with accurate test data in a timely manner, and hope you choose Physicians Hearing Care for your audiologic needs.

Should you have any questions regarding Physicians Hearing Care or the new balance and dizziness center, please contact us today for more information.